1.5 M Tris-Cl pH 6.8 - 1 L

Reagents needed:

181.65 g
Tris base
700 ml
120 ml
Concentrated HCl (37.2% - 12.1M)

** NOTE: Many electronic pH Meters are unable to accurately determine the pH of concentrated Tris solutions. Be sure to use an appropriate probe. **


1) Mix 181.65 g of Tris base with 700 ml of ddH2O by stirring.

2) Adjust the pH by adding the concentrated HCl. Begin by adding 118 ml and then fine adjust if needed.

3) Add ddH2O until final volume is 1 L.

4) Autoclave to sterilize.

Alternatively - use this Henderson-Hasselbalch calculator to determine the volume of HCl needed


© 2007 Joseph T.E. Roland